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About SelfishLovers

selfishlovers was formed in 2008. Our sound is about pure pop music that spans the generations.

Introducing the Band Members...

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Amy Bielizna
lead vocal
Her love for performing started in high school where she was a keen student of music and hated all of her other lessons. Amy went on to study music at college where she collaborated with many bands and became a songwriter.
Inspired by Blondie, Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield but having her own unique musical style; known by friends as a very down to earth person with a massive voice. Amy also has her own web site where is freelance session singer you can  check out

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Martin Raynor
Drums/Backing Vocals
Ex-drummer for the Warrington based band 'Frog' who enjoyed success in the early nineties. Martin later went on to form the very popular band 'The lazy Aces'. Although both bands had a large following and received a lot of attention from record companies their success was limited due to reasons beyond their control. (Reasons we could say, but we'd have to kill you!)

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Phillip Bond
Guitar/Backing Vocals
A natural on the guitar, hovering somewhere between lead and rhythm, Phil learned his trade just after leaving school and picked it up very quickly. A few years later he formed his first band called 'The Sons', playing to audiences all over the Country. After 5 years the band eventually broke down and  Phil took time-out from music but now he’s back after joining Amy and Martin to form ‘selfish♥lovers.